SPORT | Whyalla Softball/Baseball season kicks off for 2017/18

BAT: Spears came close to unseating Indians in their clash on the weekend, but Indians came out on top 5-4.
BAT: Spears came close to unseating Indians in their clash on the weekend, but Indians came out on top 5-4.

The 2017/2018 softball and baseball season started this weekend with some close games in softball.

Indians vs Spears saw both sides have some nice plays in the field and with the bat. Spears started the batting with a scoreless inning while Indians scored three with nice hits from Chloe Conyard.

Kiara Gibbs and Kath Welgraven (who did well pitching the whole game) also did well with the bat while Del Sullivan, Leonie Taylor and Shelley Cousins doing well for Indians while Spears Daralee Gibson and Francine Treloar (also doing well in the middle for the first game back). Tineale Colson along with Sharona Dodd also did well with the bat. The game saw some great plays between the two, but Indians were stronger on the day taking the win 5-4.

Safe Hits – Indians – C. Conyard 2, K. Gibbs 1, K. Welgraven 1 – Catches – C. Conyard 1 D. Sullivan 1 – Spears – F. Treloar 2, T. Colson 1, D. Gibson 1 S. Dodd 1, A. Smith 1 – Catches – D. Gibson 1.

The Second Game was another close first game of the season with Tigers vs Road Runners.

Roadies started slowly with the bat not scoring until the third innings with six runs crossing the plate. There was some nice hitting by Sam Watson, Aimee Watson and Sister Olivia, while Roadies Kelly Reese and Rachael Fowler did well in the field.

Tigers also scored slowly with two in the first and second with some nice hits by Kath Wilson, Raylene Warren, Jessica Vines and Joan Shea. Going into the fourth, the Tigers were playing catch up and got the tying run in the fifth with the help from Roadies errors. The game tied 13-13.

Safe Hits - Roadies - K. Reese 1, M. Payne 1, S. Watson 4, R. Mislov 2, A. Watson 2, O. Watson 2 - Catches - S. Watson 3, K. Reese 1 - Tigers - J. Shea 1, J. Vines 2, R. Warren 1, K. Wilson 3, A. Warren 1, J. Mcintosh 1, T. Mcintosh 1 - Catches - J. Mcintosh 3, V. Kiselitza 1.

The Baseball Season Started with Indians vs Road Runners.

Roadies starting the season with a win 10-2, some nice hitting by Roadies older and younger players with B. Reese and C. Scott with safe hits, Indians only having the one safe hit by softballer Del Roffey.

Safe Hits - Roadies - B. Reese 1, T. Wheeler 1 C. Scott 1 - Catches - E. Preiss 1, C. Mclean 2 - Safe Hits - Indians - Del Roffey 1.

The A grade met up again with Roadies scoring first from over throws in the diamond. A nice hit from Scott Preiss seen them score again finishing the bat with three. Indians remained scoreless with Damon Kenyon flying out to Cody Mclean, Brandon Gibbs hit by pitch and Jackson Simmonds out from the throw from Nathan King.

Going into the second, Roadies got more runs across with some nice hits by Jarrod Popovich and Dylan Manuel. Indians had a pitching change with Brandon Gibbs swapping with Damon Kenyon and the out at home with another five across. Indians in again Steve Welgraven on with a safe hit, but left on base and Indians again scoreless. The one sided game finished with Roadie taking the win 8-0.

Safe Hits - Roadies - S. Preiss 2, C. Mclean 1, D. Manuel 1, J. Popovich 1 - Catches - C. Mclean 1 - D. Chambers 1 - Pitching S. Preiss 4 K2's - Indians - S. Welgraven 1 - Catches - J. Simmonds 1 - Pitching - Damon Kenyon 1, B. Gibbs 2. 

This week's games:

  • 9:00am Juniors - RR Vs Tigers - Umpires - Indians
  • 10:50am Softball - RR Vs Eagles - Umpires - Tigers
  • 12:30pm Softball - Spears Vs Tigers - Umpires - Eagles
  • 2:10pm - B Grade Baseball - RR Vs Tigers - Umpires Indians
  • 3:50 pm - A Grade - RR Vs Tigers - Umpires - Indians
  • Indians softball – bye.