Snake season upon us

DANGER: Snake sightings have been growing in Whyalla as we head into Spring.
DANGER: Snake sightings have been growing in Whyalla as we head into Spring.

Snake season is certainly upon us according to local snake catcher Scott Grant, who has been receiving roughly two to three call outs per day in the last two weeks.

One of those was a reported ‘nine foot’ brown snake spotted on Jenkins Avenue near the ABC Village by a motorist, though Mulgas rarely grow past six foot.

Other snakes have also been sighted at the Whyalla Wetlands, the Whyalla High School oval, and a number of local properties.

The sightings serve as a warning to the community that snake season is upon us, with the warm weather driving snakes out into the open to look for food and a mate.

“Last year we started getting call outs during the third week of August, this year we didn’t get any calls in August but we have attended around 15 call outs in the past few weeks,” Mr Grant said.

“At this point in 2016 we had about one call out a week, now we’ve gone from getting nothing to having two to three calls a day.”

To keep their homes snake-less, Mr Grant said residents should ensure they are keeping their front and back yards tidy.

“Keep your grass short, make sure you don’t have rubbish lying around for snakes to hide under. To survive snakes need food, habitat and water,” he said.

“If you can eliminate those aspects in the backyard you can reduce the likelihood of a snake showing up.”

Mr Grant said if residents spot a snake in their home they should stay well back, but also keep an eye on where the snake goes.

“It makes our job easier if we know where they’re headed when we get there. But still make sure you leave them along and stay a safe distance away,” he said.

“If people spot a snake and want it removed they should call us. We operate 24 hours a day and take call outs at all hours.”

To contact Mr Grant for snake removal, ring 0477 810 288.