Watery mural at Mt Laura

A new mural at the Mount Laura Homestead will focus on the history of our water pipeline, with a new pump set recently donated to the museum by SA Water.

Caretaker Joanne Waters said the mural would tell the story of the establishment of the Morgan Whyalla Pipeline, which was put in place by the South Australian government in the 1940s.

The display will be set up behind the museum’s restoration shed. The concrete has been laid for the exhibition, with the next step to be setting up the actual mural.

“The mural will represent the history of the pipeline, it might replicate one of the photos we have of when they first turned the pump on and water started coming through to Whyalla,” Mrs Waters said.

“There’ll be some general information about how we get our water, when it first came here, and so on. It’s always good to put on a new display at the homestead.”

Gas metres used to test Whyalla’s sewerage system, as well as informative books on the subject, will also be available.