Students enjoy Sports Day | PHOTOS

Students at Fisk Street Primary School tested their skills in a variety of different activities as part of Sports Day.

Events including high jump, hurdles, throwing accuracy, ball sports, sprints and more were taken on by students competing for their respective teams.

Principal Grant Jeffery said Sports Day was an event both students and teachers look forward to.

“Sports Day is one of the fun events in the year and the kids really look forward to it. We have different competitions each year so there’s always something different to do,” he said.

“For the older kids it’s preparation for the inter-schools athletic carnival. The best performing kids in some of those events will represent Whyalla at that carnival.”

The day featured a mix of traditional and novelty events, giving a wide variety of challenges for students.

“On the day we have a lot of the accuracy and distance throwing events. Throwing beanbags and vortexes is actually part of their preparation for shotput and javelin when they get older,” Mr Jeffery said.

“After lunch we had more fun events like a clothes dress-up relay and a balloon toss. Then we wrapped up with some whole school events like tug of war.”

Mr Jeffery said students were tested of a variety of skills throughout the day.

“We want to keep them active and busy, each 15 minutes they moved on to a different activity. There’s plenty of variety, if they aren’t good at one aspect they can try out another,” he said.

“There’s a lot of kids who aren’t very academic who were given the chance to be appreciated on a day like this. It’s a really good day to help develop their teamwork and encouragement skills as well.

“It’s overall a very positive part of the school program.”