A funky success

This year’s Junk to Funk proved to be just as funky as the last, with hundreds coming together to view the latest unique costumes.

The event was held on Saturday night at Whyalla High School, and saw outfits made from various forms of junk, including 3D glasses, magazines, printer cartridges, bread bags and much more.

As a result of the competition, around $12,000 was raised for the Whyalla Special Education Centre.

Three competitions were held, the first being Trash 2 Fash, which focused on garments that reflect the qualities of youth; their state of mind, imagination, courage and appetite for adventure.

Veteran Emily Gloede won this competition with a papier mâché dress made by connecting two hoops of a crab net with strips of woven plastic from chicken feed bags. The dress was modeled by Hannah Gloede.

The next competition was Funkiest Junk, which saw creators tasked with making a garment inspired by people, places and things.

Fifth-year contestant Kirsty Connor took our first place with a Game of Thrones-inspired costume made from over 2000 3D lenses from glasses donated from the Whyalla Cinema. Jo McIntosh was the model.

Lastly local artist Helen Burt won the Ga Ga Garbage, a category that aims to showcase outrageous, theatrical and unique garments.

Her outfit, modeled by Sandra Jasper, was inspired by a Sparking Rose Wine. The team combined bubble wrap with elastic, straws, and newspaper wrapping to create the skirt.

The People’s Choice award went to Dana Traum for her green lily pad dress made out of plastic shopping bags, cardboard, and newspaper.

Committee member Tricia Gerahty said the quality of the designs had surpassed previous years.

“We’re always astonished by that because they always outdo themselves each year. Some of these creators are incredibly dedicated to this event which is fantastic,” she said.

“The quality of the venue really helped us a lot, the Whyalla High School students did the catering. It was very good to work with the high school to do that.

“There was some fantastic feedback about the quality of the food and how the students helped out on the night.”

Ms Gerahty thanked both the event sponsors and local businesses for making significant contributions to the fundraiser. Photos: PG 8