Top results at Port Lincoln

Eyre Gymnastics Club had a successful visit to Port Lincoln at the gymnastic invitationals.
Eyre Gymnastics Club had a successful visit to Port Lincoln at the gymnastic invitationals.

Eyre Gymnastics Club has returned from the 2017 Port Lincoln Gymnastics Invitationals held on June 15 and 16 with outstanding results. The gymnasts have excelled in their first competition for 2017 competing against many clubs from around the state including metropolitan clubs.  

Sixty five gymnasts represented Eyre Gymnastics Club and the results speak for themselves. The hours of hard work have paid off in gold, silver and bronze for many Eyre gymnasts. Coaches and gymnasts are now preparing for the prestigious Country Championships.

WAG Level  1 participants: Mackenzie Huish, Chelsea Baker, Evie Siegmann, Maddison Shore-Law, Alexis Linke, Evie Liney, Ruby Todd, Penny Murphy, Haylee Todd, and Lacey Smith.

WAG Level 2 participants: Imogen Stanton, Charlotte Gill, Holly Shore-Law, Liberty Brougham, Isabella Atwood, Harper Matthews, Amayah Cockroft, Elisha Yeap, and Indianna Bentley.

WAG Level 3 Under: Kara Law- 1st Vault, 1st Bars, 1st Floor, 2nd Beam, 1st Overall. Highest Apparatus Score award on Bars with 9.65 Ava Rowlands- 2nd Vault, 2nd Bars, 2nd Floor, 5th Beam, 2nd Overall.

Jasmine Schofield- 3rd Vault, 3rd Bars, 3rd Overall. Maddison Fisher- 1st Beam, 3rd Floor, 5th Vault, 4th Overall. Gabriella Misan- 5th Bars, 6th Floor, 6th Beam, 5th Overall. Ella Liney-  4th Floor. Emma Beck-  4th Bars, 6th Vault. Rivah Faulkner- 4th Vault, 6th Bars. Jasmine Stuyt- 5th Floor. Kaitlyn To- 6th Bars. Isabella Begelhole. Elisha Hubner.

RESULTS-WAG Level 3 Open

Aimee Harper- 1st Bars, 3rd Beam, 5th Floor, 1st Overall. Highest Apparatus Score award on Bars with 9.4. Kiarie Harper- 2nd Bars, 2nd Beam, 2nd Floor, 2nd Overall. Mia Rowlands- 1st Floor, 2nd Vault, 4th Overall. Abby Paterson- 1st Vault, 3rd Floor. Caitlyn Thomas- 5th Vault. Jaikara Stainer. Layna Gill.

RESULTS- WAG Level 4 Under

Jacqueline To- 1st Bars, 3rd Vault, 4th Beam, 5th Floor, 2nd Overall. Sophie Beck- 3rd Bars, 3rd Beam, 4th Overall. Summer Gillis- 6th Vault. Matilda Siegmann.

RESULTS- WAG Level 4 Open

Camryn Burton- 6th Beam, 6th Floor.


Aliya Pedler- 1st Floor, 1st Bars, 1st Beam, 4th Vault, 1st Overall. Highest Apparatus Score award on Floor with 9.55. Taleya Huish- 2nd Beam, 3rd Floor, 4th Vault, 6th Bars, 3rd Overall. Hannah Baird- 2nd Bars, =6th Overall. Charlotte Hubner- 4th Beam, 5th Floor, =6th Overall. Mackenzy Clark


Tiannah Kondylas- 1st Floor, 2nd Beam, 3rd Vault, 4th Bars, 3rd Overall.


Keegan Hunter- 1st Pommels, 2nd High bar, 3rd Floor, 3rd Rings, 3rd Vault, 3rd P-Bars, 2nd Overall.


Elijah Williams- 1st Rings, 1st High Bar, 2nd P-Bars, 5th Floor, 3rd Overall. Cooper Zimmermann- 4th Rings 5th High Bar, 6th Floor, 6th Vault, 6th P-Bars. Joseph Matthews- 1st Pommels, 3rd Floor, 5th P-Bars. Luca Schmidt. Cooper Hunter. Tyson Bentley. Jonathan Schmidt. Zander Hunter


Bailey Kondylas- 2nd High Bar, 2nd Floor, 3rd Rings, 3rd P-Bars, 4th Vault, 4th Pommels, 2nd Overall.

Harry Linke- 1st High Bar, 2nd Pommels, 2nd P-Bars, 4th Floor, 4th Rings, 6th Vault, 3rd Overall.

RESULTS- MAG Level 4 Open

Daylan Clark- 2nd Pommels, 2nd Rings, 3rd Floor, 4th P-Bars, 4th High Bar, 6th Vault, 3rd Overall.

Chevez Gepp- 2nd Vault, 3rd High Bar, 3rd P-Bars, 3rd Pommels, 5th Floor, 5th Rings, 4th Overall.

Sebastian Hubner- 4th Floor, 5th Pommels, 5th Rings, 5th Vault, 6th P-Bars, 6th High Bar, 6th Overall.