Central beat scrappy Roos

A five-goal last quarter assured Central of victory against a disappointing Roopena at Bennett Oval on Sunday.

The game was an error-ridden affair with both teams guilty of crimes against football. ln the end, it was the team that made the least mistakes that won.

Umpires Greg Warner, Nick Hallowell and Graig Formby were in charge. A two-goal breeze favoured the Mt Laura end.

Central were without Greg Vlachoulis, Marco Tansell and Cameron Edey, the Roos had a full contingent.

Roopena kicked the first of their three goals for the game at the three minute mark of the first quarter via Kane Grund; Ben Auld was looking dangerous early for the Roos along with Matt Woolford.

Nick Sims was finding plenty of the football for the Roosters, Nick Dejong was getting the better of the ruck contest but Central were wasting the ball in their forward line.

It was not until the fifteen minute mark that Scott Collison goaled, quickly followed by a Joey Webster goal set up by Nick Sims, and the Roosters appeared to be settling.

The latter part of the quarter it was the Roos turn to attack for no reward – just dumb decisions and basic skill errors crept into their game by quarter time the Roosters had a five point lead.

The second quarter started with Central out of the blocks early and with an early goal to Collison then a great snap goal from the exciting Estevan Verdoom the Roosters appeared to have the momentum.

But at this time the football gods deserted Bennett Oval, both teams started making the most basic football mistakes one could imagine.

Dropped chest marks, kicking the ball under no pressure straight to the opposition, having the opportunity to run the ball forward but electing to handball backwards to a team mate under immense pressure, easy shots on goal missed both sides guilty as charged both coaches aging drastically in front of my very eyes.

Whatever the roosters managed to stuff up Roopena would better it a few minutes later.

This was an important game for both clubs Central trying to cement their place in the four and the Roos fighting for their very survival but the mistakes kept on coming.

The game became a battle between Half back and half forward Sean Seeley defended well for the Roos at the other end of the ground it was Sam Ellis and Daniel Marshall repelling the ball for the Roosters.

The highlight of the second quarter was a crunching tackle laid on Shannon Peel by Centrals David Schooling to earn a free kick.

Time and time again players running free with the ball would wait till they were under pressure before disposing of the ball resulting in turnovers wayward kicks or handballs.

Both teams were doing a great job at keeping each other in the game Roos goaled late in the quarter via Ben Auld half time scores were Central 4-5 Roopena 2-6.

It was obvious the team that made the least mistakes would win the game the third quarter did not get any better both sides attacking both sides squandering the ball the tackling was good, Roos Rex Skinner came into the game along with team mate Jarrin Murphy who showed he is a player of the future the experienced Adrian Huish who had been good started to influence the game for the roosters but no team could set up a forward to kick goals, such was the stalemate of the game such was the dominance of both backlines not a goal would be kicked by either side in the third quarter. Three quarter time scores Central 4-10 Roopena 2-11.

Eleven points down the Roos attacked early at the start of the final quarter once again their forward line woes continuing. Central big man Nick Dejong who had been good all game was the spark to ignite the central’s flame he just got better and better his run his jumping his general ruckwork around the ground was brilliant he appeared to inspire his team mates. Some team had to put their hand up to win the game and it was the Roosters who charged home a goal to Daniel Sims at the seven minute mark then Roland Chard goaled two minutes later, two goals in two minutes in a game were goals were as rare as hens teeth and then Estevan Verdoom produced the goal of the day to put his team 28 points up and when Brodie Turner goaled, the game was over. The football gods had returned to Bennett Oval and when Nick Sims one of Centrals best goaled the game all of a sudden became a blowout. Roos Skipper Kane Grund goaled late in the game to score his sides third goal for the game. In such an important game, Roopena’s fade out in the last quarter was inexcusable.