Aquatic fees spark debate at meeting

A proposed increase in admission fees for the pool at the Whyalla Leisure Centre sparked debate between councillors at Monday night’s council meeting.

The YMCA proposed some fee rises to the council under a Management Agreement, with prices for Child Swim/Concession Swim, Family Swim/Concession Swim, Pool Spa Sauna and Spa Sauna all rising between 1.5 to 2.3 percent.

The propose changes were not approved by council, with a majority voting against accepting the fee rise.

Councillor Tim Breuer said the changes were acceptable as the increase was “not huge”.

But Cr Sarah Minney noted that the cost of swimming does add up.

“You are not going swimming once a week on a Sunday. You are going multiple times throughout the week,” she said.

Councillors Minney, Tom Antonio, Robert Schmitz and Colin Carter voted against the recommendation.

Councillors Breuer, Jenny Barnes and David Knox voted for the increase.

An alternate move for council to reject the fee increases where higher than the CPI was approved, with council to notify the YMCA of the decision.