Breeze thrilled with uneARTh the Library

SINGALONG: Cruz, Leon, Breeze and Sian Millard celebrate Breeze's CD launch at UneARTh The Library on Sunday.

SINGALONG: Cruz, Leon, Breeze and Sian Millard celebrate Breeze's CD launch at UneARTh The Library on Sunday.

Local artist Breeze Millard reached an important milestone on Sunday, launching her CD featuring her hit single “I Have My Own Life” at the UneARTh the Library Concert.

Breeze, who won the Whyalla Recording Scholarship, performed her song at the event, and was supported by Mark Tempany, Alison Hams, Daniel Weidenbach, Romy Foote and 8 year old Maddelyn Ravanelli.

The concert was a part of Whyalla’s inaugural uneARTh Festival.

“It was such a great event, it was good to see the amount of people who showed up and amazing for me and the other artists to perform original music to such a supportive crowd,” Breeze said.

“Everyone seemed excited to hear the new single, after the show people came over to buy my new CD and were asking for photos and autographs – that was great to see.” 

Breeze said the uneARTh Festival served as an opportunity for young people to get on stage and share their music with a bigger crowd than normal.

“They were able to expose their talent to Whyalla, and show the crowd what they were good at,” she said.

With “I Have My Own Life” released recently, Breeze has been busy participating in radio interviews around Australia.

“It’s great to hear that people want to know about my song and are interested in what I’m doing, it’s something new and different for them to hear,” she said.

“The Whyalla Recording Scholarship has been a great kickstart to my career as a singer-songwriter.”

With the uneARTh Festival wrapped up – Breeze has recently been given another opportunity to showcase her music at the Channel 9 Young Achiever Awards.

She will be performing “I Have My Own Life” at the Adelaide Hilton International on Friday, April 28, in front of a sold out Grand Ballroom with many of the biggest movers and shakers in South Australia to be in attendance.

“It was absolutely astounding to find out that I would have that opportunity, it’s definitely something that I am looking forward to,” Breeze said.

Stormfront Productions member Alison Hams said the organisers of the Young Achiever Awards had listened to Breeze’s single, and described it as an ‘outstanding track’.

“The whole point of the Whyalla Recording Scholarship is to expand horizons, and having these guys proactively listen to Breeze’s song and approach her speaks for itself,” she said.

“Her talent, her song, and the whole scholarship is having a positive effect.” Following the performance, Breeze will be aiming to release a music video for her single.