Cotter claims stableford

Lady golfers were treated to yet another fabulous day for their programmed nine hole stableford event on Tuesday played on the front nine.

Annette Cotter was in top form handing in her card of 19 stableford points, with very few poor shots in the tally. A great effort!

The run down saw three good scores of 18 stableford points being Raelene (Raz) Foubister, Beverley Shiell and Colleen Howell who each collected a ball.

The random ball raffle was won by Raelene Foubister and Jacqui Kerr and nearest the pin on the 7th (sponsored by McLeod Motor Co) was won by Gelske Rogers.

Actually, Rogers was the only golfer to lob her drive on the green. A well executed shot.

The match play finals event was won by Val Callaghan in a totally committed effort to defeat Marge Nicholls on the 17th.

Callaghan has conquered all before her with skill, determination and expertise for she has had to give all opponents many shots owing to her superior low handicap.

Full credit to Nicholls in earning the right to contest the final round and heartiest congratulations to the winner, Val Callaghan.

It was quite a warm day on Thursday for the lady golfers 18 hole stroke event that was sponsored by the Whyalla Garden Centre and Car Bath. We thank these two business centres for their very valuable contribution to women’s golf, it is most appreciated.

The scratch rating on the day was 74.

So often has Rogers been runner-up, however this day was hers. Well played!

Beverley Shiells was again in good form to receive the runner-up award on nett 75.

On the day, Colleen Howell was overall winner so easily accounted for Div II with a red hot nett score of nett 70. Excellent result!

Marge Nicholls was runner-up carding 75 nett.

If not for some errant putts Nicholls would have scored much better.

They’re the breaks I guess.

In the run down golfers to score a ball included Maree Farr 76, Dianne Thorpe 77, Glenda Clayton 78 and Raz Raelene Foubister 79 on a countback from Audrey Discombe.

It is difficult enough to snare nearest the pin at any time, however Colleen Howell was not only winner in the 18th hole just 1 metre off the hole but really had her radar working to also be the closest on the 7th, sponsored by the McLeod Motor Company, 4.90 metres away.

Maree Farr also had an accurate drive on the 7th to also win a ball for second closest being 7.26 off the target.

Div I nearest the flag on the 18th was Glenda Davies (second shot) ever so close just .85cms away.

Raz Raelene Foubister also had a great second shot .93 off the mark. Well played ladies.

In form Val Callaghan had a birdie on the 4th which is highly commendable!

The two lucky ladies in the ball raffle were Dianne Thorpe and Glenda Clayton.

The Northern District Men’s Veterans Day will be held in Whyalla on Monday, April 24.

Morning cuppas are available from 8am with play commencing at 9.30am.

Lunch is available as groups finish the first nine holes with orders made prior to the start of play.

After the last holes are played afternoon tea is served and coldies can be purchased from the bar. How lucky are those blokes!

Any eligible local, if not already a member, can pay membership on the day and be involved. A great day out!

Calthrop weed is a noxious weed and there are odd spots of it around the golf course.

The weed resembles a ‘creeper’ with fern-like leaves and bright yellow flowers.

If you see any please dig out and place in a plastic bag for disposal or notify Garry Branford, the club course manager.

The spread of the weed on our course would be devastating.

Player Profile

Name: Audrey Discombe

Birthplace: Bute. South Australia

Years playing golf: 40 years

Favourite AFL team: Port Adelaide

Favourite AFL player: Chad Wingard

Favourite foods: Roast lamb and vegetables, salads and fruits

Favourite music: Opera - Mark Knopfler

Favourite T.V program: Downton Abbey

Favourite past-time: golf and reading

Morning or evening person: No different

Best three inventions: electricity, computers, washing machines

If possible (3) things you would change in the world: Legalise euthanasia

Dislikes: Humid weather, bullying, flies.

Audrey has been a hard working person for the golf club during her forty year involvement.

She along with Faye Fitzgerald instigated counter teas to be available at the club over a long period of time.

Over the course of 12 years Audrey served on the committee with nine years as a very diligent secretary of the ladies committee and later one years as vice president.

She has always been available for any tasks that present themselves being catering, setting up for weddings, cleaning, providing beautiful decor for the festive season, manning the golf shop on a roster basis for 10 years and the list continues!

Being a competent golfer over the journey, Audrey continues to play well and enjoys not just the game by the social aspect also.

Many will find it difficult to comprehend the fact that this woman (along with her husband) raised nine children; all who have made her proud.

Having experienced a life-threatening health episode she proved what a fighter she is and one to be admired for her grit and determination who continues to be an inspiration to all. Keep on keeping on Audrey!

In her younger days tennis and hockey were sports on the agenda, and also horse riding.

There are not too many sports persons around these days who can claim they rose a horse to tennis! A very unique lady.