Action aplenty at Whydale

The Whydale Calisthenics and Dance girls recently sat their pupil skills examinations in Whyalla with an Adelaide-based examiner coming down. These girls trained throughout the school holidays to learn the syllabus required for the examination and to hone their technique. The Australian Calisthenic Federation Calisthenic Skills Programme is a National Examination Programme administered by each state/territory association. In SA, this is the Calisthenic Association of South Australia.

The examination system was first introduced in 1979 to raise the standard of calisthenics and to unify terminology and technique throughout Australia. Gradually, to standardise competency throughout Australia, various levels have become prerequisites for solo and graceful competitions and also coaches accreditation. The system consists of three divisions – tests, grades and medals. Within these divisions there is a logical progression through the various elements which make up the foundation of calisthenics.  The Test and Grade examinations are based on a set syllabus and music audio which emphasises technical detail, presentation and knowledge of terminology. In the Medals section choreography and performance are also considered. The marking system for examinations are graded as follows: Pass, Pass Plus, Commended, Highly Commended, Credit, Credit Plus and then Honours, with Honours being the highest result that can be obtained.

The Sub Junior girls were the first to sit their examinations. These students were taught by Mrs Nadine MacDonald and achieved the following results in Test 1: Honours: Amaya Skinner and Madelyn Storr. Credit Plus: Marley Mayes, Emmily Cotterill, Sophie Agett, Mollie Mills. Credit: Rylee Elliott, Jasmine Collins, Brooklyn Howell, Indiah Roberts. Test 3 was taught by Kristen Brewer and Natasha Skinner with Brittany Wegner achieving Credit Plus. The Junior team were taught by Deb Pearce with these girls sitting Grade 1. They achieved the following results: Honours: Bethany Hall. Highly Commended: Abby Paterson and Ruby Wauchope. Commended: Lily Borlace and Ally Wisbey. The Intermediate girls Zoe Coad and Ashleigh Hector obtained Credits for Grade 2, taught by Cassandra Mills and Paige Murphy.

The principal of Whydale, Natasha Skinner, and the teachers of Whydale commend the students for their hard work throughout the school holidays, preparing for their examinations and receiving such excellent results.


March and April 2017 saw a large number of  talented students from Whydale Calisthenics and Dance attend Competitions in Adelaide for the Seaford, Burnside and Ridgehaven Graceful Competitor Competitions for 2017. The two weekend’s events consisted of Individual events, with the youngest student being 5 years of age. 

This year’s competition proved to be extremely successful for Whydale, with many students achieving places and personal bests. Courtney Holtham and Erin Davis competed in the Senior and 15/16 years Graceful competition at Seaford. They both performed beautifully. Maya Howell performed for the first time in the Ridgehaven Competiton in the non competitive 6 years graceful section.

Sienna Phillips competed in the 6 years graceful section, just missing out on a placing by one point in the Burnside competition and performed in the non competitive section in Ridgehaven. Amaya Skinner competed in the 7 years graceful section at Ridgehaven and Burnside and received first place for her routine to Over the Rainbow in the Burnside competition. 

Jasmine Collins performed in the 7 years graceful section in both Burnside and Ridgehaven, just missing out on a placing by one point in both. Indiah Roberts performed in both the Burnside and Ridgehaven competitions and achieved a wonderful 3rd place for her routine to Tangled at the Ridgehaven competition. An excellent achievement for this young lady. Mollie Mills performed in both the Burnside and Ridgehaven competitions and achieved a Highly Commended for her routine to The Little Mermaid at the Ridgehaven competition. 

Brooklyn Howell competed in the 8 years graceful sections in both Burnside and Ridgehaven, missing out on a place by one point in the Burnside competition. Abby Paterson performed a routine to Beauty and the Beast in Burnside and Ridgehaven and performed beautifully. Bethany Hall performed in both Burnside and Ridgehaven, achieving a Highly Commended at Burnside and a 2nd place at Ridgehaven for her routine to Saving Mr Banks. Brittany Wegner competed in the 10 years graceful section at Ridgehaven and Burnside and achieved a Highly Commended at Burnside. Ashleigh Hector, Megan Simpson and Lily Borlace competed in the Burnside competition and performed beautifully. These students are now hard at work, preparing for the State Championships for Graceful being held at Royalty Theatre at the end of April.