Lincoln takes out carnival

The annual Whyalla Softball Regional Carnival was played on Sunday.

The day started with the Whyalla Vixens taking on Whyalla Green.

Vixens started across the plate early with Madi Conyard on with a safe hit and home from the hit from Margaret Mcintosh.

Green’s Kath Welgraven and Del Sullivan did well in the field while batter Jeanne McIntosh got on with a safe hit to left and home.

Green did not score again until the third with Chloe Conyard on with an error, scoring off the hit from Kayla Lindsay. Vixens Judi Kneebone and Kath Wilson finished the run tally which seen them take the win 13-3.


The second game had Whyalla Green and Eastern Eyre doing battle with Green’s Shelley Cousins having a safe hit and getting  across the plate of the hit from Jeanne Mcintosh.  

Eastern was in for its bat, scoring three across with Meagan Frankin, Tanya Wagner and Anita Smith all having safe hits.

Green tried to connect with the bat in the second but some great fielding and nice pitching by Carlie Hutchens had them score only one run.

Eastern Eyre's Kezza Grimes finishing their time at bat with a home run to right field.


In the third game Eastern Eyre took on Pt Lincoln with both teams starting strong and scoreless until the third inning.

Eastern got one across from a hit of Brooke Neindorf while Pt Lincoln scored three runs with two safe hits Melissa Balak and Livinia Kerley.

Going into the last dig seen Eastern had some nice hits by Tanya Williams, Carlie Hutchins and Shannon Atkins while Tanya Habner, having two RBIs, had them take the lead and keep Lincoln scoreless, winning 5-3.


Whyalla Vixens and Pt Lincoln matched up with Vixens getting on the board early with a couple of errors and a nice hit from Margaret Mcintosh and Ruby Mislov to bring three across.

Pt Lincoln were kept scoreless with some nice catching by Madi Conyard, Margaret Mcintosh and Jo Porteous.

Pt Lincoln caught up in the third with hits by Heather Lawson and Kimberley Simes while Jess Jolly had a blinder at short stop with five outs and two assists.

Vixen’s Kathy Wilson, Rachael Fowler and Tanya Mcintosh all did well with the bat, tying up the game going into the fifth which saw Lincoln fight back and get two runs across for the win, 6-4.


 Whyalla Vixens were up against Eastern Eyre in the next game.

It was a great game between the two with both sides keeping the run rate low until the the third dig.

Vixens got seven across with some great batting by Madi Conyard, who had a great day in the field taking four catches.

Rachael Fowler had a nice two-base hit to left, Ruby Mislov got one to right field and Kathy Wilson had a base hit to help get the runs across.

Eastern had a few errors but came back in the fifth innings, which had Brooke Neindorf, Tanya Williams (three-base hit to right, finishing the game with three RBIs) Kristen Ramsey and Lauren Siviour scoring the three runs they needed to take the win in the close game 8-7.


Pt Lincoln took on Whyalla Green and scored the first with two runs across with  Kira Picken and Marlee Rule getting the two RBIs.

Green’s Leonie Taylor go on base with an error, Bec Andersson with a safe hit to left and Daralee Gibson hitting to right field which got Taylor across the home plate.

Pt Lincoln had another four runs across in the second with some nice hits by Bronwyn Warland, Kira Picken and Marlee Rule (who had eight put outs at first base).

Whyalla Green was unable to connect with the bat again and another three safe hits for the game had Pt Lincoln grabbing the win, 9-1.

Grand final

The final of the day was between Eastern Eyre and Pt Lincoln.

The game started with Pt Lincoln scoreless in the first innings along with East Eyre who had two safe hits, with a three-base hit by Kristen Ramsey who was left on base.

Pt Lincoln got one across from Livinia Kerley, hitting a two-base hit to right and scoring of Kira Picken's sac fly to right, along with Bronwyn Warland socring in the second of the sac fly by Jess Jolly.

Eastern Eyre went into the fourth innings and connected with the bat with Kristen Ramsey having a two-base hit to centre and Bec Harkness a safe hit past third base, but with forced plays happening they were unable to score a run for the game.

Pt Lincoln took the win and were crowned back-to-back winners of the carnival.

Thank you to all teams, the spectators, umpires, scorers, canteen staff and players.

Saturday roster

9.00am: Juniors - Roadrunners v Tigers - Umpires: Indians

10.50am: Softball - Indians v Spears - Umpires: Tigers

12.30pm: Softball - Tigers v Roadrunners  - Umpires: Indians

2.10pm: Reserves - Roadrunners  v Tigers - Umpires: Indians

3.50pm: A grade - Roadrunners  v Tigers - Umpires: Indians