Nail-biting finishes

BASEBALL: Damien Kenyon takes a swing for Indians in their matchup against Road Runners.
BASEBALL: Damien Kenyon takes a swing for Indians in their matchup against Road Runners.

Saturday’s games of softball and baseball started with the juniors match between Indians and Road Runners.

Road Runners player Dave Adams makes it home to base.

Road Runners player Dave Adams makes it home to base.

With Indians’ Cooper Kenyon pitching, the game starting with Roadies in at bat first.

Roadies’ Jackson Scott, Ewan Preiss and JJ Scott all had nice hits to the outfield, and with a few walks the side got seven runs across.

Indians’ Madi Conyard got on with a walk then Liam Walden hit a cracker home run to right field to bring in two runs.

Roadies got another seven across to take a good lead with some nice hitting by Aimee Watson and JJ Scott.

Indians scored one more but it was not enough as Roadies took the win 14-3.

Shout Out To – Indians – Liam Walden, Alyssa Tremble – Roadies – Ewan Preiss, Ethan Powell Safe Hits – Road Runners – J. Scott 3, E. Powell 2, JJ. Scott 1 A. Watson 2 – Pitching E. Preiss 5 K2’s – Indians – Liam Walden 1 (Home Run) – Pitching – C. Kenyon 1 K2. 


The first softball game had the Indians against Road Runners.

The game started with Roadies’ Olivia Watson pitching to Aimee Watson.

Indians had the girls in fine form with the bat scoring 18 runs across with some nice hitting by Georgina Prunty, Madi Conyard and Kiara Gibbs.

Roadies were scoreless in the first with some excellent fielding.

In the second  dig, Olivia Watson and Tammy Faye both had three-bag hits to the outfield and scored along with Kelly Reese, but with Indians having the big lead it was always going to be only catch up runs to avoid the mercy rule, which had Indians take the win 22-5.

Shout Out To – Roadies – Olivia Watson, Aimee Watson – Indians – Georgina Prunty, Bec Andersson – Safe Hits Roadies – S. Hoake 1, T. Faye 1, K. Reese 1, O. Watson 1 S. Watson 1 – Catches – K. Reese 2  - Indians- G. Prunty 2, M. Conyard 2, K.Gibbs 2, D. Sullivan 1, J. Kneebone 1, N. Damon 1, C. Conyard 1 S. Cousins 1 – Catches – B. Andersson 1 K. Gibbs 1.

The second match was another open-ended game with Tigers taking on Spears.

Spears’ Daralee Gibson was first on the mount, pitching to Missy McNamarra.

Tigers were in for their first at bat scoring eight runs with some nice hits by Rebecca Birrell and Kath Wilson and Jess Vines.

The short-sided Spears took on Tigers pitcher Jeanne McIntosh but they were unable to score until the third dig.

With the mercy rule taking shape and errors costing runs still Natasha Taylor, Zena Wingfield had safe hits, scoring off Kym Bradbury’s hit to left.

Tigers scored another 10 runs in the second and five in the third with the game finishing with the mercy rule 23-3.

Shout Out To – Tigers – Kath Wilson,Jeanne Mcintosh – Spears – Daralee Gibson, Kym Bradbury – Safe Hits – Tigers – Joan Shea 3, Rebecca Birrell 4, kath Wilson 3, Jess Vines 1, Julie Peterson 2, Nic Alexander 1, Tanya Mcintosh 2, Jeanne Mcintosh 2 – Catches – T. Mcintosh 2 – Pitching – N. Alexander 2 k2’s – Spears – N. Taylor 1, S. Dodd 1, K. Bradbury 1 – Catches – N. Taylor 1.


The reserves game had Road Runners taking on Indians.

With Indians’ Zac Robson pitching to Willy Gibbs, Roadies scored four runs with some nice batting from Anthony Edwards and Ethan Powell.

Indians also got four across with hits from Mick Gibbs, Tyler Welgraven.

Roadies scored another five in the second to have Indians playing catch up.

They did catch up with the help from Zac Robson hitting a grand slam home run but it was not enough to get the winning run across as Road Runners took the win 9-8.

Shout Out To - Roadies - Leyton Gould, Dylan Manuel - Indians - Zac Robson, Del Sullivan - Safe hits - Roadies - A. Edwards 1, E. Powell 1, A. Mcwaters 1 L. Gould 1 - Pitching - L. Gould 2 K2;s, D. Manuel 1 K2 - Indians - M. Gibbs 1, T. Welgraven 1 Z. Robson 1 (HR) - Pitching- Z. Robson 2 K2 

The A grade had another close game between Indians and Road Runners, with the Roadies kept scoreless until the fifth dig.

When the Indians were in for a bat they scored one in the first and two in the second to take the lead.

Roadies tried to get the runs back in the fourth dig but did not score across the plate until the fifth, getting five to take the lead.

Indians were in for their last bat and settled to get four runs to take a very close game, 7-5.

Shout Out To -  Runners - Dave Adams, A. Mcwaters - Indians - Phill Hillman, Damon Kenyon - Safe Hits- indians - Dale Kenyon2, Damon Kenyon 2, Phil Hillman 1, Brandon Gibbs 1 Lachlan Blayney 1 - Catches - T. Welgraven 1, P. Hillman 3, B. Gibbs 1- Pitching - B. Gibbs 1, Damon Kenyon 2 -   Road Runners - P. Gibbons2, A, Mcwaters, D. Adams 1, D. Manuel 1 S. Priess 1 - Catches - D. Adams 4 D. Chalmers 3 - Pitching - N. King 4 K2's 


The Whyalla Regional Softball Carnival is on again this Sunday, March 12, with games starting at 8.45am.

There are four teams playing - Whyalla Vixens, Whyalla Green, Pt Lincoln and Eastern Eyre – so if people would like to see some great softball they can go to Weeroona Bay Oval where entry is free and there are canteen facilities available all day. 

8.45am -  Whyalla Vixens v Whyalla Green 

10.00am - Whyalla Green v Eastern Eyre

11.15am - Pt Lincoln v Eastern Eyre

12.30pm - Pt Lincoln v Whyalla Vixens

1.45pm - Eastern Eyre v Whyalla Vixens

3.00pm - Whyalla Green v Pt Lincoln

4.30pm - 1st v 2nd Final