Diana’s thoughtful nomination

ACHIEVER: Local mental health worker Diana Calic was happy to have her hard work recognised.

ACHIEVER: Local mental health worker Diana Calic was happy to have her hard work recognised.

Local mental health social worker Diana Calic has been recognised for dedicating her time to helping others in the community who are suffering from mental illness.

Ms Calic was nominated for the Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award, as part of the Channel 9 Young Achiever Awards.

”The job is really all about providing a service which helps an individual thrive and succeed, you get to see their recovery,” she said.

"You get quite a few clients who have low days and don't really find a purpose in life, so being able to guide them through and help them with that is very satisfying as a worker.”

Ms Calic's involvement in Rural Health started at age 17, when she began studying a Bachelor of Social Work Degree at the University of South Australia Whyalla campus.

“Through the course I had a few placements, my first placement was at Families SA and my second placement was at the Whyalla Community Mental Health Team.

“That's where I really sparked an interested in mental health, and then I was offered a position at the Country and Outback team in December.”

She says depression and anxiety are currently very prevelant issues in Whyalla.

“We seem to have quite a lot of clients coming through the Whyalla region with those issues and there aren't a lot of services in the country particularly that provide support to those individuals,” Ms Calic said.

Ms Calic was asked if she would like to be nominated for the award because of her work in the community, which also includes taking up the role of project manager for a successful ice forum called “Breaking the Ice”.

“They contacted me and asked if I wanted to be nominated for my achievements and I said ‘that would be great’, so that’s who it came about,” she said. 

“I think it’s really great to have young people recognised for their achievements.”

The finalists for the young achiever awards will be announced in March.