Ready to make some noise

DRUMMING: Stormfront Productions' Alison Hams and Mark Tempany are excited to add percussion lessons to their musical repertoire.
DRUMMING: Stormfront Productions' Alison Hams and Mark Tempany are excited to add percussion lessons to their musical repertoire.

Stormfront Productions are keen to add percussion to their long list of music lessons, after the success of their popular bucket drumming sessions.

Hand percussion, bucket drumming, bongos and snare drumming will be available for students as they learn the fundamentals of rhythm and tempo.

Teachers Alison Hams and Mark Tempany said there were many young primary-school aged children who have a big interest in the element of percussion.

“They like making noise, they like banging out the beats, we have singers, guitarists, piano players, there was just a bit of need for percussion at that younger age level,” Mrs Hams said.

“Even students who might be studying another instrument, because timing is so critical that it is important they learn about it.

“They might end up graduating to playing the drums as well, we also run a program for students under the age of 8 called Mini Muso which allows them to have a go at everything – they might just find their focus might be on one particular thing.”

Students will begin with hand drumming, then pick up the sticks and practice bucket drumming, before eventually using proper drums such as the bongos and snare.

“If it succeeds and we get to the point in the middle of the year where some of the students are good enough to move on to a regular drum kit then that's great,” Mr Tempany said.

“Because we are running lessons at Samaritan College as they have a school band, we hope that in some way the lessons will excite kids and get them interested in joining the band as well,” he said.

“Obviously drums and percussion are also important parts of a school band.”

Mr Tempany said Stormfront had received several inquiries over the holidays in relation to drumming lessons which prompted them to add percussion lessons to their services.

“We will be running this for the first two terms this year and just feel out how it goes, we are pretty confident that it will go well and then we can just make it a permanent part of what we do,” he said.

The lessons will be conducted at the Stormfront Productions’ teaching studio, and if you are interested in percussion lessons, you can email them at

While Stormfront Productions regularly host noisy lessons, they have recently been busy supporting Recording Scholarship winner Breeze Millard.

“Most young people on their summer break would be at the beach, she has been holed up in the studio working so hard,” Mrs Hams said.

“We have done preliminary mixing today, hopefully by the end of the next week we will be pretty close to sending it to mastering in New York,” Mr Tempany said.