The Indians take home three wins

RSL Tigers player Shianne Wilson slides into base.
RSL Tigers player Shianne Wilson slides into base.

Sunday’s games saw some great upsets and an ambulance ride for one unlucky player.

BIG HIT: Madi Conyard lines up her hit for Indians in their win over Spears.

BIG HIT: Madi Conyard lines up her hit for Indians in their win over Spears.

The first softball game saw Indians coming up against Spears with both teams wanting the win, Indians Wendy Newson pitching to Madi Conyard and Spears Francine Treloar pitching to Tineale Taylor.

Nice hitting by Indians Shelley Cousins, Kiara Gibbs, Norma Damon and Chloe Conyard saw them bring in nine runs for the team. 

The Spears had errors but even with some nice hitting by Zena Wingfield, Natasha Taylor and Tineale Taylor the Spears were unable to score the needed winning runs.

With great fielding by the girls the Indians took the win 9-0.

Shout outs to Indians, Wendy Newson and Kiara Gibbs and to Spears, Tineale Taylor and Natasha Taylor.

Safe hits, Indians, S. Cousins 1, K. Gibbs 3, N. Damon 1 and C. Conyard 1, catches, W. Newson 1 and B. Andersson 1.

Safe hits, Spears, K. Lindsay 1, Z. Wingfield 1, N. Taylor 1 and T.Colson 2, catches, F. Treloar 1.

The second softball game saw another upset with Road Runners having a win over Tigers.

Road Runners Olivia Watson pitching to Aimee Watson and Tigers Katherine Wilson pitching to Julie Peterson.

Both sides starting out well with the bat and each getting nine runs across in the first innings with Road Runners Aimee Watson and Olivia Watson both having two base hits, and Tigers Jess Vines, Joan Shea and Shianne Wilson all having some nice hits to the outfield.

The Road Runners getting another five runs across and Tigers getting three runs which then saw the Tigers trying to play catch up for their last bat but were unable to get the runs with Road Runners winning 14-12.

Shout outs to Road Runners, Aimee Watson and Sam Watson and Tigers, Jess Vines and Julie Peterson.

Safe hits, Road Runners, A. Watson 2, O. Watson 3, S. Watson 3, T. Faye 2, F. Norris 1, K. Reese 1, R. Mislov 1 and S. Hoake 1, catches, S. Watson 2.

Tigers safe hits, J. Shea 3, J. Vines 1, J. Peterson 2, T. Mcintosh 2, J. Mcintosh 2, S. Wilson 2 and K. Wilson 1, catches, V. Kiselitza 2 and T. Mcintosh 1.

The first baseball game saw the Road Runners verse Indians.

Indians Damon Kenyon pitching to Willy Gibbs and Road Runners Leyton Gould pitching to Cody Mclean.

Road Runners started the batting with Dave Adams and a two base hit to left, scoring the only run for the dig.

Indians getting around the bases with a couple of wild pitches and some nice hitting from Willy Gibbs and Steven Welgraven scoring nine in the first.

Road Runners were struggling to get the ball across but with some nice batting by Dave Adams and Daniel Chambers they managed to get another three runs but it was not enough to catch up and Indians took the win 11-4.

Shout outs to Road Runners, Leyton Gould and Ethan Powell and Indians, Damon Kenyon and Willy Gibbs.

Safe hits, Road Runners, D. Adams 2, D. Chambers 1 and B. Reese 1, catches, D. Chambers 1.

Indians safe hits, S. Welgraven 1, W. Gibbs 1, B. Gibbs 1 and T. Welgraven 1, catches, T. Welgraven 1, pitching, Damon Kenyon 3 K2’s.

The A Grade saw the two teams come together again with both teams scoring in the first dig, Indians Tyler Welgraven pitching to Danny Roffey and Road Runners Simon Wheeler pitching to Scott Preiss.  

Some nice hitting by Indians Brandon Gibbs, Tyler Welgraven, Phill Hillman and Danny Roffey which saw them score another three in the second and two more in the third dig.

Road Runners Brett Reese, Simon Wheeler, Andrew Storr and Daniel Chambers all getting the runs across but with only one in the first and four in the third it was not enough to reach Indians nine run lead, Indians finishing with the win 9-5.

Shout outs to the Indians, Danny Roffey and Dale Kenyon and Road Runners, Paul Gibbons and Nathan King.

Safe hits, Indians, L. Blayney 1, P. Hillman 1, T. Welgraven 1, Dale Kenyon 1, B. Gibbs 2, D. Roffey 1 and K. Daniels 1, catches, Dale Kenyon 1, K. Daniel 1, pitching, T. Welgraven 2 K2's.

Road Runners, B. Reese 1, S. Wheeler 1, A. Storr 1, D. Chambers 1, P. Gibbons 1 and N. King 1, catches, 0, pitching, S. WHeeler 3 K2's and N. King 4 K2's.