Warriors and True Blue to play off

BEST GAME IN A LONG TIME: This was one of the best preliminary finals we have witnessed for some time, not only my thoughts but the thoughts of spectators.
BEST GAME IN A LONG TIME: This was one of the best preliminary finals we have witnessed for some time, not only my thoughts but the thoughts of spectators.

Taylor Breen wins her third Whyalla News medal. 

The medal count was the closest it has been for a number of years. Best & Fairest: Taylor Breen 19 votes Warriors, Runner Up: Abby Thiele 18 votes YCW, Maddy Foran 17 votes YCW, Letitia Trezise 17 votes True Blue, Alice Rigley 17 votes True Blue. Most Consistent Vicki Parsloe.

B Grade medal count: Best & Fairest Peta Milne 30 votes Roopena, Runner Up: Jenny Ormsby 23 votes Kiwi (B), Bianca Huish 15 votes, Jess Mulconray 15 votes, and Alice Morgan 15 votes.

Intersport Team of The Year: GS Jenna Edwards YCW, GA Letitia Trezise True Blue, WA Renee Taylor True Blue, Tess Say Ravens, Tuihana Kingi Kiwi, WD Tegan Curwood Warriors, GD Taylor Breen Warriors, GK Belinda McEvoy Kiwi, Reserves: Sam Mathews, Chloe Holmes, Grace Morcom

Lynn Schroeder Award winner: Nellie Cowan

Vera Stevenson Award winner: Marion Shooter

Life Membership: Marlene Kenny

Villies senior award for most votes: Peta Milne

Commonwealth Bank junior award for most votes: Sophie Parfit

Umpires award: Hayley Afford

A Grade

True Blue 46 d YCW 44

This was one of the best preliminary finals we have witnessed for some time, not only my thoughts but the thoughts of spectators. 

There was some speculation as to how both teams would line up. 

The Blues moved Sally Rowe into goal defence, Alice Rigley into wing defence, Tegan Crocker had been sick all week so it was going to be interesting to see if she could run the game out. 

For YC Reagan Hodgeman went into wing attack to start the game. 

The game started at a frenetic pace and it was goal for goal. 

Every pass was pressured creating errors and goalies missing a few goals. 

The Blues lead by two at the first break. Mic Pacini came on for Renee Taylor as a planned moved from the blues. 

The second quarter was much the same as the first but with YC wining the quarter by one goal. 

Reagan went into centre Teanna went into wing attack. 

The Blues stayed the same in the third quarter. Both teams struggled a little in the third quarter with the mid court being congested, both teams stopped running at one point making the game very stop start. 

The Blues did get a run on goals to lead by five then in a blink of an eye YC was level again. 

I thought at times Jenna was free but YC were too slow in getting the ball to her when she was making great position. 

Both team’s scored eleven goals setting up the last quarter beautifully for an exciting finish. 

Renee came back on for the Blues back into wing attack. 

Blues got a run on goals early, with seven minutes to go YC were five goals down. 

YC kept coming and Jenna Edwards was becoming more dangerous to the Blues. 

Georgia Pickert made some key intercepts and YC was getting back into the game. 

With two minutes to go YC were three goals down a turn over made it two goal. 

Sam Mathews was making clutch goals at the other end for Blues. 

Just over a minute to go Jenna yelled out to Abby one turnover and on cue Emma Garonne intercepted the ball, YC moved it down the court 30secs to go with the next centre pass coming. 

A poor pass into Jenna at the time proved costly and the Blues won. 

Best players for the Blues Britany White, Letitia Trezise and Sam Mathews for YC Georgia Pickert, Reagan Hodgeman and Jenna Edwards.

B Grade

Kiwi (B) 38 d Ravens 32

What a game from both teams, whilst there always had to be a loser and Ravens were disappointed it could have quite easily been Kiwi. 

A good start for Kiwi was imperative because that would mean their goalies were on target. 

They shot fifteen goals to Ravens’ eight. Ravens took a little time to settle into the game which Kiwi took advantage of. 

Chasing seven goals was going to be a challenge for Ravens, well they took up the challenge and played some fantastic netball in the second quarter making Kiwi look a little ordinary at times. 

By half time Ravens were only two goals down in an amazing turn around. 

Sophie Parfit from 15s played her first B grade game due to ankle injury to Davina Binell and was doing a great job. 

Jess Mulconray and Stacy Harding were causing Kylie Rudd and Jenny Ormsby plenty of trouble in goals. 

The third quarter was a struggle for both teams, the mid court became congested, and errors were becoming costly. 

Kiwi won the quarter by three goals. Ravens were five down in a game that was up for grabs. 

The pressure told in the last quarter with both teams making passing errors, goalies missing shots that they were hitting before. 

Ravens kept pushing and Kiwi held onto a hard fought win. 

Best players for Kiwi Jenny Ormsby, Carissa Bosch and Sophie Wanganeen. 

Ravens’ best players Kristy Mulconray, Sarah Nichols and Brydie Horgan.

C Grade Div 1

Roopena 38 d Warriors (G) 28

Take nothing away from Roopena but this was not Warriors best game and Warriors will be kicking themselves for that. 

In finals you must bring your best game. Roopena got off to a good start shooting eleven goals and Warriors struggled to get five. 

Warriors were better in the second quarter with goals coming a little easier but they lost the quarter by one to be down by six at half time. 

Warriors would have thought that six goals was gettable for them but they would need to lift their game. 

In the third quarter the momentum shifted to Warriors and they made the most of it to win the quarter by three. 

The pressure shifted back to Roopena in the last quarter which they soaked up. 

Warriors had plenty of shots on goal in the last quarter but nothing was going through the ring. 

Each goal Roopena shot just nailed the coffin tighter for Warriors. 

Best players for Roopena Eliza Higgins, Ashley Ellis and Holly Gericke. Best players for Warriors Katie Davis, Jynpearl Pugo and Georgia Vasey.

C Grade Div 2

YCW (Y) 51 d Kiwi 34

The final score was a surprise mainly because of how big the difference was in the end. 

I anticipated the score to be a lot closer. 

Helen Phillips played for YC which was also a surprise.

YC came to play and they were ready from the first whistle, they blew Kiwi off the court in the first quarter scoring seventeen goals to four. 

Kiwi regrouped in the second quarter lifted their intensity they kept YC to nine goals and Kiwi shot ten. 

YC controlled the third quarter stretching their lead by another five goals. 

Kiwi weren’t going to get the fifteen goals to win the last quarter but that didn’t stop them trying. 

They scored twelve goals but so did YC. Best players for YC Kelly Daniels, Jess Kyle and Nic Stanton. 

Best players for Kiwi Kaitlyn Wright, Chanelle Littlewood and Melissa Johns.


True Blue (B) 45 d Warriors 40

This was a danger game for the Blues and it did take all game to shake of Warriors. 

They had a two goal lead after the first quarter. 

The second quarter went goal for goal with both teams working so hard. 

Carolyn Bindi was becoming a real problem for Warriors’ defence in the third quarter. 

The Blues shot sixteen goals to nine giving the Blues a small buffer of nine goals. 

This was still a gettable total for Warriors but they had to stop the blues from scoring. 

Warriors did score thirteen goals but the Blues shot nine. 

The Blues were able to control the last quarter which was the best difference. 

Best players for Blues were Carolyn Bindi, Lee Ann Hage and Bev Vanderleur.

Warriors’ best players were Deb Smith, Kara Martens and Tash Hodgson.

D Grade

Roopena 33 d Ravens 26

Roopena were looking for an improved performance from last week and Ravens were coming into this game in very good form. 

The first quarter was tight with both teams scoring eight goals.

Ravens needed to make sure in the second quarter they didn’t drop their intensity after such a good start. 

They did manage to do just that with the exception of goals not going in and Roopena being more accurate. 

Roopena won the quarter by three. In the third quarter goals dried up for both teams with Ravens winning the quarter by one goal. 

Could Roopena hold off Ravens? Well they did but it took them sometime to do it. 

Ravens fought it out to the end. 

Best players for Roopena were Jodi Stringer, Carissa Schroeder and Carlene Patterson. Ravens’ best players Michaela Smith, Amber Cabban and Emily Schubert.

E Grade

True Blue (W) 44 d Warriors 22

This is the biggest upset win of the finals so far. 

The Blues have not beaten Warriors all season.

Maybe Warriors thought they were going to win because of this. 

The Blues came to play right from the first whistle. 

They won the first quarter by six goals which kicked started Warriors in the second quarter. 

To the Blues’ credit they kept pace with Warriors and won the quarter by two.

Warriors were now chasing eight goals which was still manageable for them. 

The Blues  were awesome in the second half shooting twenty two goals to eight. Hannah Guthleben, Lily Ward and Hannah Olsen were great for the Blues. 

Warriors would have been disappointed with the score line, best players were Alicia Sherry, Tamika Everett and Rihannon Nichol.

15 under div 1

Roopena 40 d YCW 37

Great game of netball from both teams, Roopena were without Morgan Skinner due to injury. 

The impact of Morgan not playing was really going to test the Roopena defence. 

But more importantly could YC take advantage of Morgan not playing? 

The spectators were on the edge of the seats for the whole game. 

First quarter both teams shot ten goals, in the second quarter YC shot ten and Roopena shot eleven goals. 

Young Britany Jackson filled up and did an awesome job. 

Erin Salopek and Maddie Hoffman were great in defence for YC. 

Maddie Foran was working her tail off in goals for YC. 

The third quarter was just as tight with both teams shooting ten goals. 

The pressure was palpable on and off the court, the scores were level throughout the quarter, missed goal were taking their toll. 

Danielle Coulson again was playing a great game with Tayla Hart Aluni working valiantly in defence. 

YC with minutes to go gave themselves a very good opportunity to win this game but fell short and Roopena would have been a deep sigh of relief.

15 under div 2

Roopena 33 d Ravens 27

The start of the game certainly showed it was not going to be easy with both teams shooting seven goals. 

The second quarter was much the same as the first quarter with neither team getting control. 

Missed goals were hurting both teams. Ravens lead by one goal at half time with the game evenly poised. 

Roopena’s third quarter was amazing they shot sixteen goals to Ravens’ five.

Ravens just couldn’t stop Roopena and now they were chasing ten goals going into the last quarter. 

Ravens were going to pull off a miracle. They gave it their best shot shooting nine goals but they couldn’t stop Roopena from scoring. 

Roopena’s top players for the game were Andie Zbierski, Karla Blayney, Hannah Ewbank, Nikita Paris from Roos thirteens also helped Roos to their victory.

Ravens’ warriors were Amy Deakin, Sophie Harris and Amber Taylor. 

This was a game Ravens will be left thinking ‘what if?’

13 under div 1

Warriors 29 d Kiwi 20

Holy beep batman, Kiwi were absolutely fantastic in this game. 

Warriors would have been thinking we will win this game easily. 

Well they certainly got one hell of a shock and had to fight to win this game. 

The first quarter was four all, at half time Warriors had a two goal lead. 

Sarah Bolton was playing great defence for Kiwi but injured her ankle in the third quarter and had to come off the court which started to make a difference to Kiwi. 

Warriors through Sienna Cabban, Courtney Vonk and Claire McLean were able to keep their noses in front for the rest of the game.

Kiwi’s Amiee Kruger, Billie McMillian and Chianta Taylor were great.

13 under div 2

Warriors 37 d Roopena 13

Roopena have been waiting to play finals for the past two weeks. 

Warriors couldn’t afford not to start this game strongly. 

Well they did just that shooting thirteen goals to five in the first quarter.

Roopena did a great job keeping Warriors to five goals in the second quarter. 

Gemma Whynands, Michaela Clark and Angela Collins were all working so hard for Roopena. 

Warriors stepped up again in the third quarter giving Roopena no real chance to win this game. 

Sofie Ledington, Jessica Cleasby and Ella Patterson were in awesome form for Warriors.

11 under div 1

YCW 23 d Roopena 11

Roopena did a great job keeping YC to only four goals in the first quarter, but could only get one goal for themselves. 

The second quarter was goal for goal with both teams playing really well.

Roos were four goals down at half time. 

YC would have been a little concerned with Roos being so close. 

YC staved off the Roos in the third quarter and kept them to three goals. 

Maddison Welgraven, Brianna Sully and Khia Nolan stood tall for Roopena. 

This was a strong win for YC after last week’s game with Amali Kaesler, McKenzie Spry and Georgia Hoffman being stand out players for YC.

11 under div 2

Warriors 22 d YCW 12

Great game from both teams, YC unfortunately were missing Charlotte Travers and Lily Murray.

Take nothing away from Warriors they started strongly which is what set this game up for them shooting eight goals to four. 

YC were working hard to get goals but they just wouldn’t go in. 

Gabby Rodda was on fire in goals for Warriors. 

Warriors had scored fourteen goals to half time to YC’s seven. 

YC were great in the second half they kept Warriors from running away with the game. 

Eliza Horgan, Amy Custance, Jade Jaynay and Charlie Boundy all stood up for YC and kept their team fighting to the end.