Teams succumb to finals fever

DEFEND: Kiwi's Morgan Prosser defends True Blue's Letitia Tresize during a recent match. Tresize is a strong contender for this year s Whyalla News medal - with many wondering if she can win the award in back to back seasons.
DEFEND: Kiwi's Morgan Prosser defends True Blue's Letitia Tresize during a recent match. Tresize is a strong contender for this year s Whyalla News medal - with many wondering if she can win the award in back to back seasons.

A grade

Warriors 45 d True Blue 43

These teams didn't disappoint the spectators, keeping us all on the edge of our seats.

The start of the game was frenetic as you would expect which caused passing errors from both teams.

Warriors certainly found it much easier to find their goalies early and the Blues were struggling to do the same.

Tegan Crocker called a strategic time out which settled the Blues and got them back on track lifting their intensity and getting back into the game.

Warriors made a change at half time switching Tegan Curwood into centre and Chloe Holmes into wing defence - not really sure why the change was made by Astrid.

Sometimes making a change can upset the balance of the team well this didn't.

Watching the third quarter it felt like the momentum had swung to the Blues.

They were getting a run on goals and Warriors were missing.

When the quarter finished I was expecting the blues to be up by two or three but to my surprise Warriors still held a one goal lead.

The last quarter was tight with each error and missed goal causing heart break.

It was goal for goal until late into the quarter where Warriors got a turn over converted with only a few minutes to go the Blues were chasing two goals, they had the ball in their goals when time ended.

YCW 45 d Kiwi 33

This game wasn't pretty, it was a scrappy affair - but sometimes you have to win ugly.

Both teams struggled to score goals in a low scoring first quarter, Kiwi shot six and YC nine.

The second quarter had goalies again not getting good ball entry into them and that was probably due to the mid court being congested.

Every pass was under pressure causing errors.

Maddie Foran was making good position and was getting on top, Katrina Bayley kept presenting and was having an impact.

Emma Garonne and Abby Thiele were having to work hard to keep Kiwi making forced passes into the circle.

Kiwi needed to come out in the third quarter and shut YC down.

YC kept their noses in front for the quarter.

Tuihana Kingi and Chelsea Treloar kept working hard through the mid court.

Kiwi were probably only two overs a quarter away from winning in each quarter.

The loss will hurt Kiwi as you would expect but what was pleasing to see they came to play and they can be proud of this game.

B Grade

True Blue 56 d Kiwi (B) 30

Well this score line does tell you a story of how dominant the Blues were in this game overall.

In the first quarter Kiwi did lead five goals to three until the blues exploded and kept Kiwi goalless for almost eight minutes, winning the quarter twelve goals to six.

The Blues kept their foot down in the second quater, with Taylor Crocker, and the Morgan sisters keeping that pressure on Kiwi.

There was still time to get back these goals but changes needed to be made by Kiwi.

Jenny Ormsby went into goals and Davina Binell into defence.

Who knew Jenny could shoot, her strength in rebounds became quite obvious, but scoring goals was still an issue for Kiwi.

Bianca Huish and Sophie Wanganeen worked hard all game.

Ravens 40 d Roopena 37

Huge win for Ravens and a gallant defeat by Roopena.

Ravens got off to a great start sustained early pressure and lead by three goals at the first break.

Roopena were always going to come back and they did they won the quarter by four goals to take the lead by one at half time.

Ravens' third quarter was excellent doubling Roos quarter score to lead by four goals.

The last quarter was great both teams gave everything- Stacy Harding and Shanae Neilson kept battling against each other.

Roopena won the quarter but just fell short of the win.

C grade Div 1

Roopena 34 d Warriors (B) 22

Roopena were always going to be hard to beat in this game.

Roos made sure they put Warriors on the back foot not giving them any chance to get into the game early.

By half time Roopena were leading by fourteen goals and looking like they would run away with the game.

Joan Shae, Jamie Hansford and Tegan Gollan were having nothing of that they mustered their team together in the third quarter and took the quarter away from Roos outscoring them by eight goals. Chasing six goals was now manageable for Warriors.

Tegan Maher, Chloe Evans and Aimee Risborg lifted again in the last quarter making sure Warriors were not going to surge again and cause an upset.

Kiwi 38 d Warriors (G) 26

Kiwi were favourites to win but they also knew that Warriors are a dangerous team and a good start was important.

Kiwi did that getting on top early in the quarter to lead by seven goals at the first break.

Warriors put the clamps on Kiwi in the second quarter keeping them to five but only scoring six themselves but still chasing six goals.

Kiwi took back the momentum with Tara Lamper and Jess Huber applying more pressure in the third quarter.

Mary Simpfendorfer was having to work really hard in stopping Malika Carter.

Their lead went out to eleven.

Katie Davis and Jynpearl Pugo kept working hard in the fourth quarter and went goal for goal which didn't help Warriors.

C grade Div 2

True Blue (W) 33 d YCW (Y) 25

The win doesn't surprise me in one sense because this was a danger game for YC.

The first quarter was tight with neither side being able to get on top, the Blues lead by one.

The defence were having to work overtime in what was a low scoring quarter with both teams scoring six goals.

YC struggled in the third quarter to score goals and their defence was keeping them in the game.

Sharon Harris, Whitney Pedler and Jess Kyle were keeping YC in the game.

At three quarter time the Blues were up by four goals.

Kat Money, Kelly Barnes and Ella Mack were standing tall for the Blues making life difficult for YC.

They kept YC at arm's length and didn't let them get a run of goals.

Kiwi 48 d YCW (G) 36

Kiwi started strongly with Chanelle Littlewood on fire early which was going to be a problem for YC.

Alana Bray was away for YC which meant young Caitlin Harper from 15's filling in which was a big ask.

She played an excellent game.

By half time Kiwi were six goals up with YC looking like they could get closer.

Lucy Meixner and Mel Bergman work hard in the second half trying to get YC over the line.

Kiwi's last quarter showed why they are going to be dangerous next week.

Kayleigh Bruce and Hannah O'Rielly were great in this game.


True Blue (W) 44 d True Blue (B) 43

This was a great game from both teams.

The battle between Sarah Ryan and Carolyn Bindi was excellent to watch.

The master showing the apprentice, Carolyn shot well and Sarah worked so hard to shut her down.

Blues lead by two goals at the first break and at half time nothing had changed.

Tracey Holmes had to work hard in the third quarter to stop Tracy Frenche's influence in goals.

It was odd seeing Lee Ann Hage in defence instead of centre.

The Blues lead by four goals going into the last quarter.

White had the fire power to get back into this game.

It was goal for goal with white team slowly getting on top at the end and hanging onto the win.

Warriors 44 d Kiwi 38

These teams usually have close games and this game wasn't any different.

Warriors had a two goal lead at the first break in a low scoring quarter.

All goalies in the second quarter were finding their target and put each defence under so much pressure.

Kiwi were chasing four goals at half time.

Sue Dimitriou was getting bounced about by the Kiwi defence in goals.

She proved to be the difference over the game.

Tania Sweeney and Anne Evans were also strong players for Warriors.

Kiwi pulled back one goal in the third quarter with Nat Todd, Rebecca Neilson and Hengie Hyde working overtime to get them closer.

Warriors were just a little more controlled in the end.

D Grade

Kiwi (B) 45 d Roopena 37

Roopena got off to a great start putting Kiwi on the back foot early and unsettling them.

Roopena lead by three goals at the first break.

The second quarter was the reverse of the first with Kiwi doing to Roopena what they had done to them.

This put Kiwi in the lead by two goals.

The third quarter was a goal scoring feast from both sides.

Anita Masters and Nikki Scarman were great with Casey Malcolm trying to shut down Ash Durdin.

Roos were now chasing four goals.

Jodi Stringer, Kerri Winterbourne and Renae Whynands were putting Roos in a good position.

In the last quarter Roopena struggled getting the ball to the goalies which cost them in the end.

Ravens 31 d YCW (Y) 19

YC will be regretting their first half only shooting four goals and Ravens made them pay shooting twenty.

Amber Cabban, Emily Schubert and Bonnie Kesby were great for Ravens all game.

Even though YC didn't really get close to Ravens their second half, they did out score Ravens which was a great fight back with Genieveve Foran, Kate Von Boltenstern and Hannah Wakelin leading the way.

E Grade

YCW 44 d Warriors 21

YC got off to a great start keeping Warriors to four goals and to lead by eight goals.

Warriors worked really hard in the second quarter taking the game right up to YC with both teams scoring nine goals.

Lexie Gill, Alicia Sherry and Jade Harvey had worked hard to lift Warriors in that quarter.

YC were tested again in the third quarter, with the consistent play of Katelin Kimberley, Zali Munday and Ruby Fisher.

Warriors weren't given any further chances to get back into the game.

True Blue (W) 53 d True Blue (B) 24

It's always difficult playing your sister team but having to play them in a final is worse I think.

The game was flat not a lot of noise on the court and I think that was due to playing each other.

White team burst out of the blocks and gave their sister team no chance at all after the first half.

Hannah Olsen, Lily Ward and Hannah Guthleben were just awesome.

Emily Shiell, Lanna Phillis and Tanaye Watson worked hard all game for the blue team.

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