Local netballers shine

winners: (Back, from left) Coach Rachelle Frigo, Talia Hines, Ashlin Holmes, Maddie Foran, manager Carolyn Foran (front row) Sarah Simmonds, Morgan Skinner, Paige Walden, Brydie horgan and Alice Morgan.
winners: (Back, from left) Coach Rachelle Frigo, Talia Hines, Ashlin Holmes, Maddie Foran, manager Carolyn Foran (front row) Sarah Simmonds, Morgan Skinner, Paige Walden, Brydie horgan and Alice Morgan.

Whyalla 15 under combined teams will be competing in the Pedler Cup this Saturday in Rudal.

We wish both teams good luck.

A number of games for this week have been rescheduled due to these players being away.

A grade

Kiwi v True Blue

Well the challenges for Kiwi don't get any easier this week taking on the Blues.

Kiwi can ill afford to start this game like last week or it will end with the same result.

Their coach, Pip Cockcroft, will have plenty to discuss this week.

They were missing Belinda McEvoy last week but I don't think that was the issue.

Last week Warriors forced the pace of the game and Kiwi couldn't slow it down.

This week their intensity has to be from the first whistle.

The Blues are in good form with Alice Rigley and Let Tresize being their standout players.

True Blue have only lost two games making them very hard to beat.

Kiwi have the man power to take the Blues on but if they don't bring it in the first quarter they will be chasing all game.

True Blue will win based on form and consistency.

B grade

Warriors v YCW

There is a battle for fourth position between YCW, Ravens and Warriors only one point separates them.

With six games to go every win is going to be so important.

The last time they played the score was a draw.

Warriors have been a little hot and cold making predicating their form a little hard.

Last week against True Blue (B) they were actually winning that game at one point.

YC battled with Kiwi until they got on top of that game.

YC's form has probably been better than Warriors.

Demi Cole and Sally Virgo for Warriors have been leading the way at opposite ends of the court.

Daisy Keating for YC has been great in defence and the experience of Carley Sloan in centre has been great for YC.

I think YC will win.

C grade div 1

Kiwi v Warriors (G)

This is going to be the game of the day.

Both teams have lost one game Kiwi to Warriors and Warriors to Roopena last week.

The last time they met Warriors won by one goal.

Malika Carter is playing well, the experience of Karen Shooter is making a difference and Jess Huber has also been in great form.

The loss last week for Warriors will make them more determined and come out stronger.

Sarah Osborn and Jynpearl Pugo in the mid court have been a driving force for Warriors.

This game could go either way both teams are very even and logically the least errors will win this game.

I think Warriors will win but not by much.

C grade div 2

YCW (Y) v Kiwi

This will be a first look at Kiwi for YCW who will be making sure they don't give Kiwi any chance of getting into the game like they did with True Blue last week.

Kiwi didn't start the season strongly however their past five games have been great which ties in with Chanelle Littlewood starting to play for Kiwi.

Her skills in goals are a pleasure to watch and YC will need to keep an eye on Chanelle.

YC will have learnt a lot from last week and won't make the same mistakes.

Aleeya Heke has been in Kiwi's best players every week and will need some attention from YC.

This is a danger game for YC.


Warriors v True Blue (W)

Warriors will be feeling rather buoyant after last week's draw with True Blue (B) which will give them plenty of confidence taking on True Blue (W) this week.

The game isn't going to be any easier, but they have proven that they can come back against top teams.

The Blues have only lost one game and with Tracey French and Bobby Taylor being in brilliant form making life difficult for all teams.

Warriors went down by eleven goals the last time they met.

I think Warriors can cause another upset.

D grade

Roopena v YCW (Y)

This will be a cracker game there is only two the difference between these teams in favour of Roopena.

They haven't played against each other previously which makes this difficult to pick a winner.

Both Nikki Hall and Nikki Clifford have been in great form making it hard for other teams.

Kerri Winterbourne and Renae Whynands in recent weeks have been leading the roos.

YCW defence will need to contain the Roos goalies which isn't going to be easy and if they can't do that Roopena will win.

E grade

Warriors v True Blue (B)

The result of this game will determine who is second on the ladder outright.

The last time they met Warriors won by eight goals.

A couple of turnovers and that score line could have been different.

Warriors engine has been coming from Matilda Sweeney, Alicia Sherry and Laura Shaw and if the Blues are going to beat them they have to shut these girls down.

15 under div 2

YCW v Roopena

YCW are the top team and certainly have been very hard to beat.

Roopena I think can get closer to YC this week than their last game where they went down by thirty three goals.

Roopena must start strongly and try to get YC chasing them.

YC have not been challenged from coming from behind so it will be interesting to see what happens if Roopena can get the jump on them.

13 under div 1

Kiwi v YCW

YCW are one game outside the four sitting behind Kiwi making this game very important.

Kiwi had YC's measure the last time they played beating them by eighteen goals.

I think YC can get a lot closer to Kiwi and put them under more pressure.

Sequoia Munday is running the mid court strongly for YC and she will need to again this week if YC are to beat Kiwi.

13 under div 2

Warriors v Kiwi

This will be a great little game, Kiwi has won twice against Warriors and Warriors have beaten Kiwi once.

First encounter Kiwi won by five, then by six and Warriors won by two.

So as you can see not a lot separating these two teams.

It's unlikely that these two won't be playing in the grand final.

Alyssa Schulz for Kiwi is having a great season as is Gemma Yendall for Warriors.

Not sure who will win but it is going to be close.

11 under div 1

YCW v Roopena

YC are a cracker team they are currently in top position having only lost one game to Warriors.

Georgia Hoffman in defence for YC has been rock solid making numerous intercepts in the mid court.

Roopena had trouble shooting in their last encounter but I think this week they will show how much they have improved in that area.

11 under div 2

YCW v Ravens

YCW are undefeated which is just awesome at this age level.

The last time they played against each other YC won by one goal.

Charlotte Travers for YC has been a star all season which was rewarded by filling in for div one last week.

Jasmine Pacini for Ravens will have something to say about YC winning this game.

Jasmine is new to netball and has been playing great netball.

Ravens can cause an upset this week.