Roll up, roll up!

Cirkidz circus school and performing troupe ran a ‘come and try’ workshop at D’faces of Youth Arts Hall on Wednesday, October 8.

Artistic director Joshua Hoare said Cirkidz was an Adelaide based not-for-profit organisation that started as a project for “disengaged young people”.

Mr Hoare said circus was an equaliser and Cirkidz classes focused on building social networks, trust and confidence.

“It’s a powerful tool for building social capital, confidence, teamwork and discipline,” he said.

“It’s a non-competitive, physical and creative pursuit, which is really important because it means these participants can shine in a way that connects with them.”

Mr Hoare said circus was more than just a physical outlet.

“Circus is kind of a combination of sport and art,” he said.

“For sport dominated communities like Whyalla, it’s an interesting entry point for people into the arts because they can appreciate the athleticism that is required, but circus also brings this creative, artistic expression with it.”

Mr Hoare said while some graduates continued performing, the organisation’s goals were far broader than encouraging people to join a circus.

“The process gives them skills that they’ll use forever, which is goal setting, focus but also lateral thinking,” he said.

“Graduates from the company are travelling the world now and performing with major theatre companies or starting their own theatre companies; but not all of them want to become performers, some of them will become really good doctors, dentists, housewives and truck drivers.”

D’faces of Youth Arts creative director Deborah Hughes said she was pleased by the turnout and was grateful to Cirkidz for sharing its expertise in acrobatics, balance and juggling.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for our kids to extend their skills,” she said.