Honoured with music industry award

Local music icons Alison Hams and Mark Tempany have been awarded a prestigious Country Music SA Country Music Industry Award.

The award was presented at Country Music SA's Champion of Champions awards night.

However the pair was not able to attend the awards night as they had already committed to performing at the Whyalla Tappers charity concert.

Because of this the pair did not find out about the award until they were surprised on live radio.

Radio Adelaide DJ Tamara Wellman knew about the award and arranged the interview under false pretences, with the pair thinking they were going to discuss their project the Jelly Baby Song.

"When Tamara began to tell us how she had attended the presentations the night before, we thought that was lovely, however we weren't quite sure how announcing all the winners during our interview was relevant, but it soon became apparent," Mr Tempany said.

"We are very honoured and dedicate the award to our family, friends and supporters who allow us to do what we do and love," Alison said.

The pair said they were surprised to have the award announced on live radio.

"Even though we knew it (the awards night) was on, it had kind of gone off our radar a little," the pair said.

"The radio interview was a really nice way for Country Music SA to announce it, and we were actually a bit speechless but very honoured nonetheless."

The pair said as the Christmas period comes around they were busy with a number of commitments for them and their students.

The biggest event for them will be Carols in the Park.

They said they would love to release some new material in the future.

"The focus for 2013 was always our charity single Jelly Baby Song, so now we would like to get into the studio and demo some more of our songwriting," the pair said.

"We have both released solo albums up to this point, so a collaboration of the two of us would definitely be a long term goal."

However Mr Tempany and Ms Hams said it was hard to find time for themselves, but agreed that they would not have it any other way.

"Whether we are teaching music, organising concerts, travelling to country music festivals or working in the studio, we feel that through music we can offer a little bit of joy and give back to the community, be that through teaching, performing or our charity work," they said.

COUNTRY: Alison Hams and Mark Tempany were recently awarded the Country Music SA Country Music Industry Award.

COUNTRY: Alison Hams and Mark Tempany were recently awarded the Country Music SA Country Music Industry Award.