Juniors back on diamond for end of season

Damien Pietuch takes a swing for RSL Tigers against Road Runners.

Damien Pietuch takes a swing for RSL Tigers against Road Runners.

The juniors competition is back for the last half of the season with Tigers taking on Indians.

BATTING: Tanya McIntosh lines up to bat for RSL Tigers.

BATTING: Tanya McIntosh lines up to bat for RSL Tigers.

Indians’ Cameron Manners pitched as Madi Conyard got off to a slow start ,which had a couple of walks score.

Maggie Powell prepares to swing for Roadrunners.

Maggie Powell prepares to swing for Roadrunners.

Tigers scored six across in the first to Indians three with a home run by Manners bringing in the runs.

Tigers’ Daniel Vines, pitching to Payton Goldsmith, also got two K2s.

Indians field the ball against RSL Tigers.

Indians field the ball against RSL Tigers.

Tigers’ Callum Mckay, Vines and Payton Goldsmith all had some nice hits to bring in seven runs in the second, with Tigers getting the lead.  The Indians tried to fight it back but the Tigers took the win 13-3.

Shout Out To – Tigers – Callan Holtham, Payton Goldsmith – Indians – Liam Walden, Madi Conyard – Safe Hits- Tigers – C. Holtham, C. Mckay 1, P. Goldsmith 1, D. Vines 1 – Pitching- D. Vines 6 K2s – Indians – C. Manners 1 (HR) – Pitching – C. Manners 2 K2s L. Walden 1 K2. 


The first softball game back was between the Indians and Tigers. Tigers were on the diamond first with Jeanne Mcintosh pitching to Julie Peterson.

Indians were up to bat with Bec Andersson on with a safe hit,  scoring one across.

Tigers’ Joan Shea, Jeanne Mcintosh and Natasha Taylor all had safe hits, getting three across the plate.

Tigers got six across in the second and again in the third to have them with a big lead.

Indians fought back with some great hitting from Judi Kneebone and Jo Porteous along with Leonie Taylor but it was not enough as Tigers took the win, 15-9.

Shout Out To – Indians – Jo Porteous, Judi Kneebone – Tigers –Joan Shea, Jess Vines – Safe Hits – Indians – B. Andersson 1, J. Porteous 3, S. Cousins 1, J. Kneebone 2, L. Taylor 1 – Catches – K. Gibbs 1 Tigers – J. Shea 4, J. Mcintosh 3, N.Alexander 2, T. McIntosh 1 – Catches – J. Vines 3,


The second game was between Spears and Road Runners with Spears on the diamond first with Sharona Dodd pitching.

Roadies had Sam Watson with the only safe hit in the first, but with errors by Spears they scored five across the plate.

Going into the second innings Spears had some nice hitting by Tineale Colson and Zena Wingfield and with errors by Roadies, got six across.

Roadies were in for their last bat with Tammy Faye and Ruby Mislovgot helping get four across to take the lead by one.

Spears got one run home on an error and the game finishing in a tie, 9-9.

Shout Out To – Spears Daralee Gibson, Francine Treoloar – Road Runners – Kia Scattini, Aimee Watson – Safe Hits – Spears – N. Taylor 2, T. Colson 1, D. Gibson 1, S. Dodd 1 Z. Wingfield 1 – Catches – K. Lindsay 1- Roadies – S. Watson 2, T. Faye 1, R. Mislov 1, K. Scattini 1 – Catches – S. Watson 1 R. Mislov 1.


The baseball had Tigers taking on Road Runners with Tigers getting seven with some nice hitting by Sam Lockhart, Damien Pietuch and Shane Stephens.

Roadies scored 14 with some nice hitting by Nathan King, Dylan Manuel.

Tigers, in for second dig, were unable to play catch up scoring only two across and with the game having to play to time (no mercy rule).

Shout Out To – Tigers – Damien Pietuch, Keith Daniel along with – Roadies – Noel Watts, Dave Adams .- Safe Hits – Tigers – S. Lockhart 1, D. Pietuch 2, S. Stephens 2, M. Peters 2 – Pitching – K. Daniel 2 K2s M. Peters 1 K2 – Roadies – N. King 1, C. Mclean 2, D. Manuel 2 N. Watts 1 – Catches B. Reese 1 – Pitching – D. Adams 2 K2s.


The A grade had the Tigers and Road Runners them come together again with Tigers in first with no runs across. Roadies scored four runs with some nice hitting by Scott Preiss and Daniel Chalmers.

The game was shortened to 70 mins and with some nice hitting by Tigers’ Jeremy James and Damien Pietuch seen them get one across.

Some nice fielding by Roadies’ Matt Jarvis, at centerfield, took three catches to keep Tigers to the one run while they got another five across to take the win 10-1.

Shout Out To - Tigers - Daniel Vines, Jeremy James - Roadies - Simon Wheeler, Scott Preiss - Safe Hits - Tigers - J. James 1, D. Pietuch 1 - Catches - J. James 1, D. Vines 2 - Pitching - S. Hood 2 K2s - Road Runners - S. Preiss 2, D. Chamlers 1 (HR), S. Wheeler 1 - Catches - M. Jarvis 3 - Pitching - S. Wheeler 3 K2s. 

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