Deputy Mayor suggests street signs non-compliant

OUTSPOKEN: Cr Tom Antonio asked a series of questions at the latest Whyalla City Council meeting.

OUTSPOKEN: Cr Tom Antonio asked a series of questions at the latest Whyalla City Council meeting.

Whyalla is seeking a modified approval for its new street signs.

This was revealed after a series of questions from Deputy Mayor Cr Tom Antonio at the latest Whyalla City Council meeting.

Cr Antonio asked whether the newly-installed signs complied with Australian Standards. 

Acting group manager for engineering and infrastructure Michelle Tucker replied that the signs were according to a resolution of council.

“They do not meet the Standard – past engineering and infrastructure staff have been aware of this,” she said.

“To address this issue, council has been in contact with the department and has been advised that it should seek a ‘non-standard’ approval.

“This application is being prepared by staff.”

Cr Antonio asked whether the council’s water licence had been approved and was told the matter was to be discussed at a meeting on September 21.

He asked whether the council was following planning requirements under the legal timeframes for building approvals.

Acting chief executive officer Migelle Hiscock replied that in the past six months, staff had approved 118 planning consents, of which 115 were within the timeframe. The other three applications were “just over time” and one was a Development Assessment Panel item.

She said that in the past six months, the building department had approved 114 applications, of which 103 were within the timeframe.

Of the others, most were in July and August which coincided with the senior building surveyor’s resignation and it was expected there would be an impact and adjustment time because this position was not being filled.

Cr Antonio asked whether Whyalla had lost revenue from Franklin Harbour and other towns through the planning department for building works sharing council’s services.

Mrs Hiscock said the council had serviced only Franklin Harbour Council and it would lose some revenue as a result of a contract with that council expiring.

“It should be noted that Franklin Harbour has employed the services of Laurie Collins again and no longer requires the services of an ‘outside’ planning or building assessment,” she said.

In an earlier question, the Deputy Mayor asked whether any elected member had spoken to anyone apart from elected members or Regional Development Australia about Adam Hammond’s solar farm proposal which was under confidentiality.

He also asked whether any elected member knew of any staff who had spoken to anyone outside the elected member body or RDA on the proposal.

Mrs Hiscock replied that council was unaware of any conversations, but she was happy to undertake an audit of council’s email tracking system to confirm this had not happened.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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