Making a name in hip hop

There has been no shortage of musically talented Whyalla locals in the past decade, now with resident Billy Jasper is proving that hard work does pay off.

The 18-year-old goes by the pseudonym 'Jay Sandeman' when performing his mix of hip hop beats and said it was all part of the genre.

"I guess it's just a hip hop thing; my stage name is basically the beginning of my last name and then my middle name," he said.

First beginning to play the guitar when he was just 12, Billy undertook three years of music lessons in school.

"Then I just started teaching myself with some help from Alison [Hams] and Mark Tempany," he said.

"I first started writing music when I was 15, but started taking it seriously when I was 17."

Recently Billy has gained an interest in producing, beginning to record his own songs and music videos.

"I love it, even if music as a career was to go nowhere I would still write," he said.

"The use of words has just always been an interest of mine."

Billy released six songs at the beginning of 2013 but said he had improved since they were released.

"They were very inexperienced and didn't sound the best," he said.

"I like to keep them up on YouTube to show people that you don't just go into something [as a] professional."

At the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 Billy released two songs from his up and coming mixtape Snakes and Ladders.

"I'm much more happier with these songs compared to others," he said.

The initial release date for Snakes and Ladders was to be in December 2013 but due to a busy year and song complications Billy said it would get released in late January or early February.

Two of these songs will be produced with the help of an Adelaide producer to assist Billy in furthering his producing abilities.

"I want these two tracks to be done professionally so they sound better if I was to put them on Triple J Unearthed," Billy said.

Though his genre is hip hop Billy said in the future he would be interested in adding a blues or jazz twist to his music.

Though yet to perform locally, Billy said he would love to be given the opportunity to take to the stage in his hometown.

Billy said one of his long term goals would be to further in his musical abilities.

"Of course I would love for my music to go far but I don't really know what's next in it for me, I guess I just keep learning to improve my sound and hope that people enjoy it," he said.

Billy's brand new track 'Le oughta know' is on YouTube and features a music video shot in various locations around the city.

Those interested in viewing his music can follow his Facebook page 'Jay Sandeman Music' where there will be regular updates, as well as subscribing to Billy's Jay Sanderman Music YouTube page.

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